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Johnny Cash (Bon Bravour x Flemmingh)

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Johnny Cash (Bon Bravour x Flemmingh)

Date of Birth 2014
Colour Brown
Height 1.70
Studbook KWPN
Breeding Bon Bravour x Flemmingh
Terms Live Foal Guarantee

Stallion competition 2018/2019
Johnny Cash has achieved impressive results under Theo Hanzon in the KWPN Stallion Competition.

6th place 4-year-old dressage stallions Zuidbroek with 80 points
8th place 4-year-old dressage stallions Ermelo with 79 points
7th place 4-year-old dressage stallions De Peelbergen with 80 points
Johnny Cash has all the qualities for top level dressage. He has a very strong and powerful hindleg and already moves with a lot of balance. You definitely need this to focus on the heavier work, such as the piaffe and passage. His canter is elevated and powerful and also makes him very suitable for the heavier work such as the series and changes. In the young horse competitions you often do not get higher than an 8.

We look forward to his first foal year with great anticipation!

Johnny Cash showed very well at the KWPN Stallion show. With his very elegant trot and strong hind leg he showed to be one of the best of this vintage!

At the end of 2017, our beautifully modeled stallion Johnny Cash was KWPN approved after successful completion of the Autumn Performance Test. In addition to his beautiful exterior, fine basic gaits, he is also very interestingly bred with a lot of Trakehner blood, via father's side the talented stallion Bon Bravour son of the Grand-Prix dressage stallion Painted Black from a Chronos dam. On the dam's side the Preference stallions Flemmingh and Jazz x the KWPN and Trakehner Top stallions Chronos and Doruto. This breeding can therefore be clearly seen in the beautiful model and appearance of Johnny Cash. We are very pleased to be able to offer this stallion for the breeding season of 2018.

Official KWPN Research Report 2017:
Johnny Cash is an honest and reliable stallion with a good attitude. The stallion is very willing to work and can be worked well. The walk is pure and has good scope. The trot is light-footed and has good scope. The canter is uphill with more than sufficient to good scope. Johnny Cash moves with a good attitude, good balance and good flexibility. As a dressage horse, Johnny Cash has more than sufficient to much talent and gives his rider a good feeling.

Johnny Cash is a generously developed, riding type stallion that stands well in the rectangular model with a lot of charisma. The head is appealing. The neck has a good length with a correct head and neck connection. The neck is good in shape, good in length and well muscled. The shoulder is good in length and well muscled. The wither is well developed and more than sufficient in length. The back is good in length and well muscled. The loins are well muscled and well connected. The croup is sloping, good in length and good in muscularity. The hindquarters muscle is more than sufficient in length. Seen from the side, the foreleg is correct. The hindleg is correctly positioned. The legs are good in length and correctly adjusted. The foundation is well developed and more than sufficient in quality. The feet are well developed, slightly narrow and of good quality.

Stable behavior:
Honest reliable stallion, easy going and quiet in the stable.

Breeding / Adaptation advice:

Johnny Cash can improve the model and add light-heartedness and ridingness to dressage horse breeding.

Terms: Live Foal Guarantee

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