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Welcome to Premier Stallions, where your future breeding success begins!!

Together with Stal Brouwer from the Netherlands, we bring to UK and Ireland fresh ideas, some new top bloodlines and a strength and determination to serve UK and Irish breeders.

We have built up a top resume of the leading stallions in the world in both Showjumping and Dressage, as well as exciting young stallions selected for their high calibre as well as ability to improve our breeding lines.

In 2020 we are looking forward to adding some amazing new stallions to our resume.


We are dedicated to providing our breeders with solid customer service, and offer advice with our knowledge to make the right decisions from our years of experience.  We are there to assist you should you require.


At the moment, we provide mostly frozen semen stored in various stations in Ireland and UK,  with the ability to supply same day in some cases.   We look forward in the near future supplying chilled semen supplied on a next day basis as well.

We can recommend where to send your mares, so they receive the best conditions and vet care.  The centres we have chosen are professional, and give us greater flexibility to concentrate on even better customer service.  We also assist you with foal registration to make the process easier for you.  Hopefully following the happy event of your foals birth, we continue with our support and guidance should you wish to keep or sell your foal.

We hope to meet you soon!! Thank you for taking time to visit our website, fingers crossed, you will see a lot more of our offspring around soon and you can enjoy the best prices and top results.

All the best

Jacqui Short Boyce

Jacqui Short Boyce
Founder Premier Stallions
Brouwer Family
Stal Brouwer
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