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Ordering from Premier Stallions
Emir R
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So it is time to think of breeding from your mare and the thoughts of how to go about it seems a daunting task.

We try to make it simpler for you by being there to assist you make the right choices, stallion, AI centre and advice from concept to the day you sell your foal, we know how much your mare is valued by you and we appreicate the thought you have put in to choose a stallion and we also know you want the highest care and attention whilst visiting an AI centre.

We understand that for some breeders, the thoughts of artificial insemination or the use of chilled or frozen semen can seem somewhat difficult. We are as transparent and honest in our appraisal of semen quality and stallion fertility so that breeders can make an informed decision.


We have experienced vets on hand to discuss the details of your mare and to suggest suitable stallion options to achieve a pregnancy if you have had difficulties in the past.

If you are considering embryo transfer, our vets can also offer advice and are happy to help in any way they can.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions, we are always very happy to help.

***PLEASE NOTE *** By ordering semen with Premier Stallions you are legally bound by our Terms & Conditions***


Once you have decided on the stallion you would like to use for your mare, please visit the product page and complete the following on the order form.

  1. Date required

  2. Name of your mare

  3. ULEN or Passport Number of your mare.

  4. Mare Owner Name

  5. Mare Owner Email Address

  6. Mare Owner Address

  7. Best Contact Number

  8. The veterinarian you plan to use

  9. The shipment address of the chilled or frozen semen

  10. Contact Number for person receiving shipment

  11. The studbook you wish to register your foal with, i.e. Horse Sport Ireland, Warmblood Studbook of Ireland, Zangersheide, Anglo-European Studbook etc

  12. Any other comments

  13. Add To Bag

  14. Complete Order

  15. Please double-check your delivery address; this should be the vet/stud who will store the frozen semen. 

  16. Ensure your vet/stud has a Nitrogen storage tank to store the semen, in addition to the relevant insurance. We ship from Premier Stallions to your vet/stud in a vapour shipper, please ensure the vet/stud are aware that once the shipper is opened, the semen must be moved to a Nitrogen storage tank. We cannot accept liability for semen that is incorrectly handled or stored.

  17. Select Shipping Option from Dropdown Menu (Shipping Costs include collection by ourselves of any containers/ Dry Shippers)

  18. Complete order

  19. Please contact us to Pay and Finalise Details.  ** Orders must be paid for before any semen can be dispatched **

*** Please note once you complete your order, you must contact us by telephone direct to confirm receipt, arrange payment for your semen and discuss despatch to ensure we can ensure our shipment reaches you in time ***

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Orders at the moment must be placed and paid for in full a minimum of ONE day before you require the semen to be sent but the earlier you place your order the better for all concerned. For frozen deliveries, please give a minimum of 3 days notice prior to needing semen shipped.

Requests to ship chilled semen must be made at latest 8am on the morning you require the semen to be sent or preferably the day before but only when order is placed and paid for a minimum of 24 hours before.

Please send order in on time. We will always endeavour to accommodate all breeders and orders, but sometimes it is simply not possible if the order is received late.

Occasionally due to demand we run out of stock, orders for stallions standing abroad cannot be processed when there is a public holiday in the country in which they stand, please try to order well in advance.

Chilled and frozen semen orders cannot be sent nor delivered on bank holidays in Ireland or Northern Ireland. A list of all holidays for all countries is listed on our website.

Saturday shipments of chilled and frozen semen are currently not available in Ireland, Northern Ireland and the UK.

We organise the return of our frozen semen shipping containers. Failure to have the container ready for return may incur a fee.


Charges are applicable for shipping to your designated veterinary centre.

Storage & Distribution Costs: 


Same day collections are possible by arrangement, please contact us for details.

Chilled Semen Collections in our Designated Holding Centres

Price €40 + VAT

Frozen Semen Collections in our Designated Holding Centres

Frozen semen may only be collected by prior arrangement in our dry shippers: €50 + VAT 


Chilled Semen Shipments

Semen sent from following countries

  • Holland/ Germany/ Belgium €140


Frozen Semen Shipments  (Prices include health papers & container return fee)  Frozen will only be sent to UK & Ireland, please message or call us if you require semen to be sent to other European countries.  

These prices are for frozen semen for stallions who we store in Northern Ireland.  Emir R, Kitt SB, Tolan R, Arthos R, Zazou R.

To our ‘listed veterinary clinics’ in Northern Ireland; €55 

To our "listed veterinary clinics" in South of Ireland: €75

To United Kingdom: €130  

To Europe: Please contact us for further information.

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