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Easy Game (Gribaldi x Schwadroneur x Cannon Row XX)

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Easy Game (Gribaldi x Schwadroneur x Cannon Row XX)

Colour Dark Brown
Height 1.76m
Year of Birth 2003
Studbook Trakehner Verband
Breeding Gribaldi x Schwadroneur
Terms Live Foal Guarantee- Available Chilled

This Gribaldi son is one of the best Trakehners out of one of the best mares of the Millennium

If you want to add more powerful Piaffe and Passage to your breeding, Easy Game is certainly the right choice. Many Easy Game offspring seem to be born with natural collection. Easy Game has moved up to Small Tour. Easy Game is very easy to put together, which he inherited from his father Gribaldi.
Easy Game also brings class and size to breeding. Just like his father Gribaldi, his offspring trot with a beautiful and natural movement. We advise using a mare with a sufficiently strong canter.

Easy Game has sired multiple Grand Prix competitors and leading stallions from a relatively small number of mares:

  • TSF Dalera BB and Jessica von Bredow-Werndl, a fixture in international competitions
    World Championship Team Gold Tryon 2018
    European Championship Team Gold Rotterdam 2019
  • Millenium, German top sire (mv. Ravel)
  • Hermès, KWPN approved stallion. Grand Prix dressage already at the age of 8 with scores above 72%. Bronze WC 6-year-old dressage horses Ermelo 2018
  • Honoré du Soir, remarkable son in Trakehner Breeding that impressed the crowd at the Trakehner Gala evening in Neumuenster.

Easy Game’s son Millenium (mv. Ravel) also had produced successful young stallions in Germany. Maracana (mv. Lord Loxley I) was selected at the Westphalian inspection and sold for € 700.000.
Our stallion Hermes was approved for the KWPN stud. Delera BB is under Jessica von Bredow- Werndl, a fixture on the German Team.

Easy Game piaffes very easily, which he inherited from his sire Gribaldi. Gribaldi produced more than 50 Grand Prix horses worldwide.

His mother, the State Premium mare Evita, became a Sieger mare at the Landesschau in Rheinland.

  • Evita's first foals was Easy Game.
  • Evviva, Evita's second offspring, was proclaimed 'Jahressiegerstute' at the Trakehner Stallion Show in Neumünster.
  • The 3rd offspring of Evita, Elvira (by TCN Partout) became 'Jahressiegerstute' in 2008.
  • Her 4th offspring Elba, the full sister of Easy Game, became 'Siegerstute' in Rheinland.
Fam. Willemsen - den Bieman
Aaldert 20
6617 AL Bergharen

Price €1250 euros, chilled semen, live foal guarantee, Stal Brouwer Holland, unlimited attempts in 1 breeding season.
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