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Sam R (Mermus R x Abgar XX)

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Sam R (Mermus R x Abgar XX)

Colour Bay
Height 1.74cm
Year of Birth 1999
Studbook KWPN (fokfamilie 154
Terms Live Foal Guarantee

Good can also be beautiful. Sam proves that. The large stallion, showing a lot of blood, breeds as the best thoroughbred. Sam's descendants are noble, high-legged, long-lined and show a lot of blood. They have a good trot and a very good canter. The offspring are light and easy to ride and jump with a lot of print and quality. In free jumping, these horses showed a very beautiful technique and a lot of imprint at foal age.

Sam R, the thoroughbred among the jumping stallions, is a son of the very well-bred Mermus R from the breeding family 154. The mother of Sam R is the famous mare Amelusina (Abgar xx x Wagner). Amelusina is also the grandmother of Namelus R and the international jumping horse Idalco (by Ladalco) and the great grandmother of the Olympic jumping horse Lamalushi (by Calalando I). From the renowned Melusiena's stock, the international horses include Hay Guy, Matcho KB, Velusinus R, Jade and Esperite.
Sam R was fourth at the KWPN Stallion Show in 2002 in the champion show. He passed the 70 day test in Ermelo with great success. Some quotes from the research report: "As a jumping horse, Sam R has a lot of prints. He is off the ground very quickly and jumps back well. He jumps with good leg technique, good back use and opens the jump very well behind. Sam R seems to be very careful and shows very much power. Sam R has a lot of talent for jumping and gives his rider a very good feeling. "The numbers speak for themselves: Imprint: 10, Power: 9.5, Technique: 9, Jumping ability: 9.5
Meanwhile, the first son of Sam R has been approved by the KWPN: Zahros R, the first and only approved son of the stallions from the S-year jumping stallions. The wealthy Zahros R impresses with its light-footed, technically exemplary way of jumping.
In the quality assessment for four-year-old jumpers at CSI Twente 2007, the electrically jumping W. Adermie (Sam x Zeus x Joost) finished in fourth place. One of the most striking young jumpers in the Netherlands is Wembley R (Sam x Lucky Light). The horse Athene (Sam x Fedor) finished fourth in the final of the VSN Trophy 2010

Terms: Live foal guarantee

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