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Namelus R (Keur Pref) (Concorde x Joost)

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Namelus R (Keur Pref) (Concorde x Joost)

Colour Brown
Height 1.68cm
Year of Birth 1995
Studbook KWPN, Holstein, Old, SF, Z (fokfamilie 154)
Breeding Concorde x Joost
Terms Live Foal Guarantee

Namelus R pref ... quality, attitude, temperament

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KWPN, Holst, Old, SF, Z (breeding family 154)
After winning the reserve championship at the 1998 stallion approval, Namelus R was set to have a bright future. He fully lives up to his high expectation value as a breeding stallion, according to the preference predicate.
Namelus R is very high on the jumping index of the KWPN (152). He gives a lot of blood and radiance to his offspring. He also brings modern, light-footed moving horses with good necks and athletic, long-lined models. Namelus R gives jumping horses with a lot of quality and a fantastic attitude and rideability.
Namelus R Good wine needs no wreath!
No description really does justice to the inherited power of the preferential Namelus R. His exceptional qualities are unprecedented. Power, strong backs and fine characters ensure that Namelus R offspring always speaks for themselves in the jumping ring.
Namelus R has a mouth watering pedigree. Father Concorde was already a legend during his life because of his successes in show jumping and breeding. He remained in good health until his old age and died shortly after his 30th birthday in 2014.
The dam's line of Namelus R contains the "Golden Cross" Joost x Abgar xx; the combination that put Stal Roelofs on the map of jumping horse breeding. The suffix R of course confirms that Namelus R also saw the light of day at this renowned stud.
Namelus R himself was only active in show jumping at 1.30 level until he was six years old. An injury stood in the way of a further top sports career. This meant that Namelus R could be used entirely for breeding and not without success.
Meanwhile, Namelus R has signed for paternity of ten approved sons, of which Tolan R, Arthos R and Dexter R have been approved by the KWPN. Through Bodinus, Fire, Gullit HBC, Idextro and Zazou, the influence of Namelus R as a grandfather within the KWPN is now considerable.
Thanks to Nintender, Baldev, Vegas 55, New Cuba Libre, Diodati 'd Kri Kri, Gamelus R and H.Amelusiena, the Namelus R blood is also well represented in foreign breeding.
But the most important thing of course is the sporting performance of Namelus R offspring. Meanwhile, no fewer than 24 direct offspring at 1.60 level have been released, including the previously mentioned Arthos R under the American Kasey Ament, Cadalora P and Triple X III under the Canadian Tiffany Foster, and Captain Cooper under Leon and Sanne Thijssen. In addition, a further 54 offspring performed internationally at 1.40 to 1.55 level.

Namelus R produces many black / black-brown and no chestnut colored horses.

Terms: Live Foal Guarantee

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