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Metall (Sire of Olympic Winner Uthopia)

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Future SB - Sire of Carl Hesters "UTHOPIA"

Date of Birth 1994
Colour Dark Brown
Height 1.69
Studbook Bavar,SF,Kwpn,swb,Oldenbu
Breeding Ferro x Ramiro Z
Terms Live Foal Guarantee


Father of Uthopia, Olympic team gold London 2012

Father of many Grand Prix and Prix St. Georges horses

Metall, the dark brown Ferro son, was purchased by us in 2011 together with the Paul Schockemöhle breeding station. Metall, who was successfully released in the Small Tour, is the father of the dressage phenomenon Uthopia who, together with Carl Hester, won Teamgoud at the E.K. in Rotterdam and Team Gold at the London Olympics. Uthopia is also recognized for the KWPN. The KWPN approved stallions Special D and Broere Ufo are also approved KWPN sons of Metall.

Tiva-Nana (Metall x Cabochon) is already running Grand-Prix dressage. Modjo (Metall x Purioso), Rapaz (Metall x Festival), Schermershof Suprise (Metall x Balzflug), Special D (Metall x Zandigo), Scaramouche (Metall x Wisconsin), Uranium W (Metall x Wolfgang), Broere Ufo (Metall x El Corona), Us Abe (Metall x Wisconsin), Talinda (Metall x Wisconsin), T-Date M (Metall x TCN Partout), Valentino & Well Done Sollenburg (Both Metall x Let`s Go V) all started ZZ-Licht or Light Tour.

What is also striking about Metall in recent years is that several of his descendants are internationally active at the highest level in showjumping, such as; Saveur (Metall x Contango), Rentall (Metall x Gurioso and Sante (Metall x Actor).

Metall itself is doing well on the KWPN dressage index. He is still a richly lined stallion with a lot of neck, very nice head and good movements. His size is 1.69. His pedigree is purely Dutch stamp stallions, such as Ferro Keur. Pref., G. Ramiro Z Keur. Pref., Ulft Keur, Farn Keur and Le Mexico Keur.

Official KWPN Research Report 1997:
Métall is an elegant appearance. The stallion has a lot of neck and a well-developed neck. Metall lacks some width and muscle on the body. The foundation is slightly delicate and the support is French.
Honest, something sensitive. More than sufficient willingness to work, works well. Quite tense at the start of the study; this was improved during the investigation. Walk sufficiently spacious and active. Trot with sufficient space and tact, but should have been worn more. When he strains, the underside of the hoof sometimes becomes visible. Gallop spacious and worn. Can be closed more than sufficiently in dressage, good self-carriage. A lot of talent as a dressage horse gives his rider a good feeling.
Jumps with sufficient foreleg technique. Power seems more than sufficient. Finishes well behind the jump. Sufficient talent for jumping, gives his rider a sufficient feeling.

Terms: Live Foal Guarantee

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